Reliance Jio Diwali Offer Exposed: Don’t be fooled by these Exciting Offers

Real Facts about Reliance Jio Diwali Offers – 2018

There is no doubt that Reliance JIO has changed the telecom sector and it provides value for money services for all their subscribers but the real intention behind every business is to make money. Some of the business do this in genuine way but some try to get benefits from their Customers by trapping them in some Shady Offers. (Although not all offers are bad).

Earlier all the Indians were impressed by Free 4G internet provided by JIO. The main marketing strategy by them was to first acquire subscribers and increase the customer base. Once this has been achieved, they would make customers addicted to their services by providing it for free. After getting customers addicted to these facilities, they would  start charging them extra for the same. Till this point, nothing is Wrong because every business have their own Marketing strategy and we all like Free VOICE and SMS plans for 399 INR for 4 Months. BUT THIS DIWALI, JIO HAS COME UP WITH ONE REALLY FISHY OFFER WHICH WE ARE GOING TO EXPLAIN IN DETAIL HERE.

First of all, Let me tell you about Jio’s Diwali Offer (2018) in case If you are not aware of it:

According to JIO, they are providing “100%” cash back offers (Too good to be true, and it’s not actually!!). Here are some Offers in the Given Table.

Recharge Value/Prepaid plans offered by RJIO (in Rs.) Value of coupons offered by RRL (in Rs.) Number of Coupons The validity of the coupon
149 149 1 31-12-2018
198 200 1 31-12-2018
299 299 1 31-12-2018
349 349 1 31-12-2018
398 399 1 31-12-2018
399 399 1 31-12-2018
448 449 1 31-12-2018
449 449 1 31-12-2018
498 500 1 31-12-2018
509 509 1 31-12-2018
799 500+299 2 31-12-2018
999 500*2 2 31-12-2018
1699 (500*3)+200 4 31-12-2018
1999 500*4 4 31-12-2018
4999 500*10 10 31-12-2018
9999 500*20 20 31-12-2018

When we heard 100% Cashback, the only thing that came in our mind was 100% Money back in our Account (Jio Account) not in terms of Coupons but as Money credit so that we can recharge them in future.

BUT NO!! In this Diwali offers Jio is claiming 100% Cashback in terms of Coupons (Not even Vouchers because there is a big difference between coupons and vouchers) which will expire after “31-12-2018” (NOTE THIS DATE). Now the main Misguiding is explained in the Next Part.

Reality of JIO Diwali 100% Cashback Coupons

We always advise our visitors to read Terms and condition of any product or services before you make a purchase to avoid any mishap. When we came across this Scam of JIO Diwali 100% Cashback offer we decided to spread awareness to everyone about the real strategy behind this.

If you don’t know the Terms & Condition of this 100% Cashback deals then here are some Important points for you:

  • This offers starts on 18th October 2018 and ends on 30th November 2018.
  • The Offer Benefits are non-transferable.
  • “Cashback” shall mean 100% cashback provided by Reliance Retail Limited which shall be credited in the form of Reliance Digital Coupons (Coupons not Cash!!!) in the MyJio App of the Eligible Subscriber upon performing Recharge on the Eligible Device.
  •  “Offer” shall mean this Cashback offer made available by RRL.
  • “Offer Benefits” shall mean the benefits accruing to the Eligible Subscriber under the Offer as shown herein-below.
  • “Recharge” shall mean a recharge performed of Rs.149, Rs.198, Rs.299, Rs.349, Rs. 398, Rs.399, Rs.448, Rs.449 Rs.498, Rs.509, Rs.799, Rs.999, Rs.1699, Rs.1999, Rs.4999 and Rs.9999 plan offered by RJIO.
  • Each coupon provided under the Cashback can be redeemed by the Eligible Subscriber at any Reliance Digital Store with a minimum cart value of “Rs.5000/-” on any item sold by Reliance Digital Store except such items determined by RRL and listed in the annexure below.
  • No two coupons received by the Eligible Subscriber can be redeemed together.
  • Cashback coupons if unredeemed will expire on 31st December 2018.

Now Let’s take an Example and Understand this Misguiding!

Suppose you have decided to take benefits of this Jio Diwali Offer and plan to recharge your JIO Number with Rs.1699/- Plan. It means you will get 4 coupons (3*500 and 1*200 total 1700 INR).  Main thing is You can’t redeem all coupons in a single Purchase and Each coupon can be only Redeemed on MINIMUM PURCHASE OF Rs.5000/ (Seriously!!!!).

In short, If you want to redeem all of your JIO Cashback Coupons (Total-4) you have to make 4 purchase minimum of 5000/- Each.

  • It means to get Rs.1699/- Cashback you have to make purchases of Rs.20000/-  and that too before 31-12-2018.
  •  These coupons can’t be applied on any Samsung or Xiomi product purchase from Reliance Digital.
  • You can not apply these coupons on any Hard-drives (as shown below)

Simply you don’t have any choice in using these coupons and just follow the path of product purchase that has been specially carved for you.

Jio Diwali Offer Scam

Do you think that this is still legit Marketing Strategy?? I highly doubt because this isn’t kind of true cashback which you can use as per your will. Jio just wants to sell their stuff by providing shady cashback offers. One more thing in these cashback offers is their hidden terms and conditions.

They are clearly MISGUIDING their customers. In terms of cashback, Jio is trying to sell their other services as well. We have also attached the Images from their own website as a proof for above mentioned offer.

Kindly evaluate every cashback offers and then if you feel that it’s good for you and really Value for Money, then and then go for it. Don’t fall in any trap of these giant companies because the competition in Telecom industry is increasing day by day and services are becoming cheaper. Earlier telecom companies were charging Rs.5 for 1-minute call and today Voice calls are free of cost. Now you can imagine the scenario!

Our main aim for publishing this Article was to spread awareness among our audience and save them from the online traps.

That’s it. I rest my case. Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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