5 quick reasons why you should switch to Linux (One Bonus reason included)

The reasons which may be enough for you to switch to Linux

Our world is being ruled by mainly 3 desktop OS – Microsoft Windows, MacOS and different Linux distributions. If you are one of the Mac or Windows users and you are confused about switching to Linux, here are a few strong reasons specially tailored to remove your confusion and to make you switch to Linux.

#1 User Interface

Switch To Linux

Linux distributions (I will simply refer it as a Linux in rest of the article) has come a long way since its inception. Previously UI was not one of the major arguments to use Linux. In fact, Linux had the reputation of being not so user-friendly. This scared many users who were not comfortable typing commands for every small task that they wanted to perform. Unfortunately, after so many years many people are still having that image which is preventing them from having a taste of this pure bliss.

Deepin Features

Cut to today, Linux has the most beautiful UI among the competition. It is super stable and very user-friendly. Not only that, you can morph your Linux to look exactly as your imagination. You can make it look exactly like Windows and Mac also. Your imagination is the key. Fluid animations, choices of docks (taskbar), custom icon packs, widgets, you name it. There are plethora of elements from which you can choose your own and make your UI look like it. You can also impress others by the amount of versatility you can do if you switch to Linux.

#2 Security

I can make a bold statement that Linux is the most secure OS compared to the rest. Period. This one statement can be enough for many to switch to Linux. It is not unknown in today’s era that how cybersecurity can easily be flawed and how misused end user’s privacy can be. People spread lots of viruses in forms of different file extensions. If they are opened carelessly, they can ruin your entire system and also leak your private information.

Linux gives you an edge here. Since it is an open source system, many security researchers are currently working on finding the loopholes in it and their continuous work is incorporated in your Linux on a continuous basis. It is not easy to spread a virus in Linux systems as it is in others. I am not saying that it is not possible to spread a virus in Linux but to give you just a perspective it was reported in 2015 that Linux has 0.001% number of total reported viruses compared to Windows which is good enough reason to switch to Linux. The reasons for this may vary but the end result remains the same.

#3 Software

Linux has a vast number of Software supported. You don’t have to worry about software options for any task. You have very strong alternatives for every software of other counterparts of OS. To give you few examples you can use Libre office instead of MS office, Gimp for Photoshop, Kdenlive or Blender for video editing and many more.

If you are reluctant to use your favorite Windows software for your task, fear not because there are very famous software platforms on which you can run your .exe file easily inside Linux only. Wine, PlayOnLinux (uses wine only), Crossover are few of the software which lets you run exe files like the native. So don’t worry, if you have photoshop installation file, you can easily run that on Linux using this software.

#4 Free

Linux is Free. You don’t have to pay a dime to use it. However, you can donate to the organization whose distro (short for Linux Distribution)  you are using if you wish and you should. Not only this, almost all the apps you are using on Linux are completely free. It is easy for students to switch to Linux because of this reason. Please make a note that Free doesn’t mean cheap quality because Blender (software on Linux for Video editing and 3d modeling) is one of the examples which is completely free and many big Hollywood studios are using it.

#5 Smooth and Stable

Linux can run on a bare minimum system requirement very smoothly. If you are tired of your current Windows because of it being very slow and laggy, I can say that Linux will breathe a new life into it and with no lag at all. There are many flavors of Linux and you can choose any as per your requirement like Linux Lite, Puppy Linux, Bodhi Linux, Ubuntu Mate etc have very low system requirements.

Moreover, few Linux distros have proved to be so much stable in day to day Life that it has their own fan community and people don’t want to move away from it – like Linux Mint.

Plus smooth updates make it prone to crashes. There are very few to nil cases where a new update has broken user system as it does to others (I am sure you have heard about BSOD – Blue Screen of Death in windows – Happy Halloween!!).


Switch To Linux


If you are interested in security research or any other advanced tasks related to networking, Linux is your only and only (and only and only and..) option. You can use penetration testing (in simple words Hacking !!) distributions like Kali Linux to achieve this. It is fully loaded with all the tools that you may require to do penetration testing. This distro includes tools to hack Bluetooth devices, Sim cards and… sorry, I won’t reveal the entire treasure of Kali Linux here, some other time or check it out yourself.

So, I rest my case here your honor and have given the best reasons for you to switch to Linux. If you are still not convinced to switch to Linux, convince me not to use it in the comment box below. See you in the next one.

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