Xiaomi’s take on Apple AirPods : Xiaomi’s AirDots Earbuds

Xiaomi’s New AirDots Earbuds

Xiaomi doesn’t shy away from taking inspiration from the market-leading products from tech leaders. It has taken inspiration from Apple the most and that trend continues with yet another product which is AirDots Earbuds by Xiaomi.


Xiaomi has taken the basic idea from Apple and made their own version of wireless earbuds which is much cheaper than it’s counterpart. To be specific, while Apple AirPods costs around USD 159 (Approx Rs.11600), Xiaomi’s AirDots costs 199 Yuan (roughly 29 USD & Rs.2100).

They come with their own charging box which charges them for later use automatically once put inside. The charging case also disconnects them with the paired device. Once they are out of the box again, they get paired automatically with the last paired device.

The battery life of AirDots is not that bad as it can play music for up to 4 hours. The weight is approximately  4.2 grams only which are very light on ears.

AirDots come with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity which increases the range of the connection with paired device and also reduces the battery consumption of the device compared to the previous versions of Bluetooth technology.

Xiaomi has currently launched AirDots in China and there is no word on the global launch of this. If you are interested in the AirDots, you will be able to find them in Chinese e-commerce websites like Alibaba and Banggod very soon. Hopefully, we would be able to get our hands on these digital toys pretty quickly.

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